Ciao Italian Course

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Developer: Daniel de Fonte
9.99 USD

Welcome to iLoveLingos Ciao Italian Course: Lesson 1-5!


Whether you want to learn basic Italian for your vacation or seriously study the language, our Italian Course will get you to your goal.

This package contains lessons 1-5, starting from the very beginning to booking a hotel room. (*)

General Features:
- Easy, fun and fast, yet comprehensive.
- 5 rapidly advancing lessons in HD graphics.
- Giovanni is your animated and talking guide.
- Listen to all phrases and words.
- Varying exercises with text, audio, and images.
- It-Eng Audio Dictionary included.
- No internet needed so you can study anywhere.
- Grammar is optional.
- For all ages - perfect for both homeschooling and adult learning.
- Developed by professional educators with more than 8 years of experience teaching online.

(*) For more information about each lesson, screenshots and media, please visit:

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Timothy Dunn:

I appreciate your frankness. However, as per the description this package contains the introductory lessons 1-5. Lessons 6-10 are currently being developed, and will take a rather large leap in terms of content compared to the first five lessons. On our webpage the content of all lessons are described, and you should be able to easily determine the level of each and whether the course is adequate for your needs prior to purchase.

Kind regards,